ArtAlive!  /  アートアライブ 03/27/1992(JPN) Normai play  /  普通に遊ぶとこんな感じ。 Got bored in normal play  /  飽きると大体こんな感じ。 Hero of SEGA  /  ソニック。 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Making Movie Mona lisa by Leonardo da Vinci  /  モナリザ。 MONALISA Making Movie AKAFUJI by Hokusai Katsushika  /  赤富士。 AKAFUJI Making Movie Magicalgirl MADOKA*MAGICA  /  鹿目まどか。 Magicalgirl MADOKA*MAGICA Making Movie

Welcome to ArtAlive!MUSEUM. / アートアライブミュージアムにようこそ




[web translation]

This site was made in order to exhibit the picture drawn by the SEGA GENESIS "ArtAlive!".

Cannot use mouse, undo once, without saving, 16-color palette is 8 pattern, the screen is always blurry,
and Touching the game machine to freeze...

Please enjoy the work was painted in adversity.